A new digital brand for Baloise

Learn how we positioned Baloise in the digital realm.






Short Description

Baloise was repositioning itself and intended to adopt a human touch across all of its service solutions, including insurance and finance. Digitas was tasked with developing the new digital design system to enable a consistent brand presence across all channels and markets.

A new website

Digitas launched the new brand into the digital world, with a user-driven information architecture and a comprehensive digital design system. The new design focused on contemporary and bold typography and the generous use of images and micro-animations.

Navigating with ease

The revised information architecture placed people at the centre – whether on the group page or the various country pages. The user also found content more efficiently, partly thanks to newly developed customer journeys and wording at eye level.

A modular approach

Upon commencing our modular approach, we took into consideration the extensive design system with over 150 components. The existing components were dissected, meticulously scrutinised, consistently optimised, and completely redesigned. The extremely reliable and versatile modular system that resulted was not only limited to website use but could also be easily adapted to all other digital products, such as customer platforms and apps, across all countries.