CSS autumn campaign 2023

In Switzerland’s most high-performing digital campaign we merge creativity with the latest AI-technology.







Short Description

CSS is the leading health insurer in Switzerland. It consistently rises to the challenges of the market and develops innovative services and products that meet the needs of its customers. Because to stay at the top, you must constantly evolve – and that includes your communications.

The challenge

Over the past two years, health insurance premiums for basic coverage have risen sharply, placing an increasing burden on Swiss households. The actual premium is becoming more important, but good service and fast and efficient processing of claims are also factors in selecting an insurer.

The solution

We engaged potential and existing customers with a variety of highly relevant messages, tailored to the individual customer journey, creating a holistic picture of the compelling services CSS offers – implemented with an eye-catching, modular creative concept.

Creative concept

The main element of the innovative and personalised creative approach was generated with the help of artificial intelligence. Each of the 15 main videos show different stats of the same topic and therefore dramatise and underline the corresponding message. These films demonstrate that CSS is not just a health insurer, but an insurer with solutions for each and every user. Compared to a real shoot, this method enables lower production costs and maximum flexibility in terms of changes, rhythm and length, number of stats and media format. This approach was complemented with a POV treatment that immersed our users in the action and allowed them to experience the solutions provided by CSS.

Holistic media approach

This all led to a holistic, user-centric media approach to reach the target audience in the best and most effective possible way. OOH and DOOH was used for maximum awareness, while all available digital channels generated further attention, and above all, interest and sales. Artificial intelligence was also used here to distribute the creative work in the most efficient way across all possible platforms.

All data collected on css.ch and from over 100 personalised, dynamically generated landing pages, as well as all levels of the premium calculator, were incorporated into the multi-level, cross-channel retargeting to drive our users to the end of the sales funnel.