B2B Lead Generation with Adobe Experience Cloud

How we developed a new platform that centralised Körber's digital sales process.







Short Description

As an international technology group, Körber is shaping the future with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. The Business Area Supply Chain Software offers a wide range of software solutions that ensure a high-performance supply chain. Until now, these solutions have been sold using traditional approaches, which means that the opportunities offered by the digitalisation of sales processes have not been fully exploited. In collaboration with VILT, Digitas developed the new corporate website, which placed the user at the centre, improved the representation of the offer and, above all: generated leads via digital channels.

Getting the basics right

The new corporate website became the central platform for the digital sales process. The focus was on three fundamental objectives:

  • Providing a future-proof digital solution based on the latest technology that ensured an expandable architecture
  • Meeting the requirements for data-driven personalisation of content and dedicated analytics that enabled efficient KPI tracking
  • Development of a target group-oriented and conversion-oriented user experience

Laying the strategic foundation

We developed the platform in four stages. The strategy phase defined the KPI measurement framework, examined the existing performance marketing and marketing operations and determined the lead journeys to be mapped. Based on the insights gained, the new tech stack was evaluated in the second stage. The Adobe Experience Cloud emerged as the clear winner here as it allowed for the product family to seamlessly integrate the necessary business requirements. As a CMS, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) ultimately helped to provide personalised experiences tailored to the target group, while Adobe Marketo opened up all of the possibilities of marketing automation.

Putting the user at the centre

The third phase was dedicated entirely to the user experience and therefore also to optimising lead generation. As part of a 4-day design sprint adopting Google’s methodology, the lead journeys were visually elaborated upon, and the individual phases of the content marketing funnel were considered. Agile implementation was the final phase, which included all UI designs and the programmatic implementation.

The new corporate website will help enable the future digital sales process. Adobe Experience Manager in combination with Adobe Marketo and Adobe Analytics are now the springboard for successful lead generation. The website thus sets a milestone in the ongoing digital transformation of Körber Supply Chain Software.